Menet Consulting is a leading management consultancy house based in Mumbai, India providing management consultancy services to all business sectors of small, medium and large organizations.

Menet Consulting leverages a proven and tested methodology with seasoned and experienced consultants with rich industry experience.

We have more experience and more expertise than you can shake a stick at!

Menet Consulting is the first in the industry to offer a unique fixed price business model and an innovative performance guarantee. Please contact us for more information on our services.

Our Objectives

  • Provide an effective consulting system which enables clients to achieve their goals with minimum disruption of their present operations.
  • Develop a trusting relationship with clients by continually working to open channels of communication - giving each other feedback to see if both parties are performing effectively, and
  • To share observation of the clients' progress during the consulting cycle, without judgment (which means saying something is right or wrong) or prescription.


  • We provide "GUARANTEED" certificate.
  • We NEVER MISUSE the information provided by your organization (We do sign NDA, if required)
  • Time Bound approach and User friendly documentation structure, which is easy to refer.
  • You always have freedom of choice.
  • You retain ownership of the ISO implementation project and do not become dependent on us.
  • Our quick response to attend all your queries
  • We will reimburse your full consulting fees if your company fails to achieve certification or re-certification.

Our Consultants Team, Our Greatest Asset

Over the years, Menet Consulting has attracted the best professionals from a diverse range of industries. Our consultants, trainers and support staff believe in integrity and customer satisfaction. Hence, at Menet Consulting, our employees are our greatest asset.

Our strength is our people, and our reputation comes from the standards they have set in quality, safety and environmental systems consulting. At Menet Consulting, we employ a full time staff rather than rely upon subcontractors. We also hire capable consultants with a high level of expertise in the appropriate standards plus hands-on experience in implementing standards within different industry sectors. All consultants receive registered auditor training.

Consultants undergo rigorous internal training and all undergo formal registered auditor training. Because standards are constantly evolving, consultant training never ends: our continuous training approach helps consultants deal with the ever-emerging variants of the standards and the implementation of these standards into different business sectors.

Menet Consulting makes use of the latest hardware, software and communication technology available. All consultants are provided with technology training to maintain efficiency and ensure that clients can always stay in contact.

Company Policy

The Menet Consulting policy is to transfer our extensive knowledge and experience in the industry to the advantage of our clients who utilize management systems in their work environment to achieve competitive advantage and bottom-line impact.

We are committed to provide you the effective and reliable consultancy services throughout the association. 
We value your feedback and we strive to continually improve ourselves in competency and knowledge updation so that we can enrich your company values to the greater height.

Business Goals

Menet and its employees are committed to delivering professional trustworthy services to the clients, to exceed their needs and expectations with the management team committed to the continual improvement of our services, environmental performance and to the prevention of pollution.